Biolife Solutions Inc. Stock Near Me 2024

Biolife Solutions Inc. Stock Near Me 2024
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The stock information provided by QuoteMedia is only for informational purposes. This is not for the trading purpose. Biolife Solutions Inc. is appealing in developing, manufacturing, and marketing bio-conserving tools, cells, and tissues. This company provides Biolfe discounts to their customer.

The highest amount of willingness is bid. The bid price and ask Price refer to the investor where the investor is willing to buy or sell the stock. The Biolife solution location is located in the United States of America and the phone number is (14254011400). 

The share of Biolife Solutions is down by 37% in the week, as at 3:15 AM, ET on Friday. At present time the Net worth of BIolife Solutions is $988.74 million.  

What Is The News About Biolife Solutions?

BioLife Solutions has been active with several recent developments and financial updates. In May 2024, the company reported its first-quarter financial results. Key highlights included an increase in cell processing biolife solutions revenue by 10% sequentially, reaching $16.2 million. Despite this, the company reported a GAAP net loss of $10.2 million, though the non-GAAP adjusted gross margin improved from 40% to 53%.

What Is The Location Of Biolife Solutions Stock?

The BIolife Solutions Location is located in the United States of America its address is Suite 310, 3303 Monte Villa Parkway, Bothell, Washington, 98021 the Phone No. is 14254011400 it is the best place. You can easily find the location from the mobile app on the sides.

Biolife Solutions Stock Location

Why Biolife Solutions Stock Down Today?

Biolife is a cell-and gane-tharapy bioproduction tool, and services company. Biolife Solutions stock (BLFS 3.01%) Shares were less than 37% for the week, as of 3:15 PM. ET on Friday, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. The healthcare corporation’s inventory closed closing week at $19.22, then dropped to a 52-week low of $eleven.82 on Friday.

What Is The Biolife Solutions Inc.(BLFS)?

The BIolife Solutions stock Price Here is the Performance-based overview and price of Biolife Solutions:

YTD Return +27.75%+12.32%
1 year-12.33%+25.25%
3 year-37.00%+26.55%
5 Year+6.90%+89.41%

Which Careers And Facilities Are Involved In Biolife Solutions? 

The Biolife solutions career involves many opportunities 100 Companies are working in Washington. 

These companies provide the best facilities and solve problems together. It also provide Biolife Promo codes to their coustmers 

Getting the work done and keeping their promise to every person. 

There are some facilities available in the career to their company. 

  • Market competitive wages.
  • Affordable, medical facilities, dental and vision insurance for team members.
  • Paid parental leave.
  • 401k matching program.
  • Elective cash bonus or stock award based on company performance.
  • “Prompte from within” preference – opportunities from advancement.
Biolife solutions careers and facilities

What Job’s Available In Biolife Solutions? 

If You are thinking about a Job in BIolife Solution. Don’t worry, Here are some Biolife Solutions Jobs available:

Accounts Payable facilitiesFinance
Financial Accountant.Finance
Aseptic Technician IOperations
Aseptic Technician IIOperations
Inventory Specialist Entry Level.Operations
Procurement ManagementOperations

What Do You Mean By Biolife Solutions Stock Forecast?

Biolife Solutions The average target price is $24. This is based on 7 Wall Street – Analyst 12 Months price. Issued before 3 months. The Highest target price is $27 and the lowest target price is $20. The average target price represents a 14.78% Increase from the current price of $20.91. 

What Does Biolife Solutions Do?

Biolife Solutions Provides the Bioproduction tool and services to the cell and gene of the therapy broader biopharma Markets. The Biolife Solutions headquarters is located in Bothell, Washington, and the United States. The solutions give the life of the science company and clinical research scientific improvement.

What Is The Revenue Of Biolife?

The total revenue of the Biolife solution is $161.8% a decrease of 11% in 2022. $143.3 million a decrease of $18.5 million in the year 2023. Excluding the previous year’s COVID-19 it was 4%.

How Many Employees Does Biolife Solution Have?

In the Biolife Solution, there are More than 400 employees Who have come regularly and working every day for customer help and Thinking about what we can do to more offer. 

What Is The Biolife Solutions Glassdoor Salaries?

The average Biolife solution Glassdoor salary is approximately $ 34.932 (estimated) per year For a front desk agent to $154.602 for a one-year CEO-founder.

What Are The Products Of Biolife Solutions?

Biolife Solutions Products is the industry that provides biopreservation media this company provides cryostor and hyprthermosol products. The solution is recognized for gold standards for freeze. Implanted for 500 customer clinic applications.

What Company Owns Biolife?

The Company Takeda ows Biolife It is a biofarmectual company, It is an industry leader that collects the best quality plasma service in the office and for their customer.

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