Biolife Plasma Lakeland FL 2024

Biolife Plasma Lakeland FL 2024
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If you are thinking about donating plasma to your nearby plasma donation center it is great to donate to Biolife Plasma Lakeland FL Is the best place for donating purposes and you can earn extra with this place. Enroll yourself and earn extra money. Find information about this place by directly visiting, searching online, and also by asking your friend’s group or family member. 

This place is located in Biolife Lakeland Florida United States. This Center is located at 6415 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland FL. 33813. To find Direction you can go on their official website and get more benefits such as bonuses, Compensation, and rewards.

You can get more Biolife Promotions from Biolife Lakeland FL. Be a member of this program by attending the Biolife program in Lakeland FL and earn bonus points. This center provides more facilities.  

Facilities Provided By Biolife Lakeland FL 

Biolife Lakeland Provides more facilities to their new or current donors. Here it is given:

  • Clean and Professional facilities.
  • Flexible Hours.
  • Neat and Clean facilities or place. 
  • Clear Compensation Program.
  • Green and smoke-free environment. 
  • Free Wi-Fi Available.
  • Online Schedule System.

For more information, you can call this Biolife Lakeland FL Number.

What is the Time in the Biolife Lakeland FL hours  

The hours of the Biolife Lakeland FL Schedule:

Sunday 07:00 AM To 03:00 PM
Monday09:00 AM To 07:30 PM
Tuesday05:30 AM To 07:30 PM
Wednesday05:30 AM To 07:30 PM 
Thursday05:30 AM To 07:30 PM
Friday05:30 AM To 07:30 PM
Saturday07:00 AM To 03:00 PM 

What Coupons Are Provided By The Biolife Lakeland FL In 2024?

Biolife Lakeland FL Coupons provide their donors the donation they can earn up to $50 to $60 in their first or second donation. Use the Biolife Promo code DONOR300 To Receive a $50 Biolife Coupon in their first donation, and $60 in their second. $50 in the third donation.

Buddy Bonus Coupon 

If you refer a friend or a family member Then you can get a Biolife Buddy Bonus coupon. Print the coupon write the referral buddy’s name and give it to him after the successful donation you will be rewarded and get the coupon.   

get the buddy bonus coupon code

What is The Medical Screener?

In this process, The center medical team conducts an all-medical history and overview, Blood tests, and all the physical checkups in physical examination.

  1. Medical History Interview

In this, they ask some questions about your past and present health and then include questions regarding the possible disclosure of certain communicable diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.

  1. Physical Examination

They check the overall health and eligibility of the donor whether they are eligible or not for the donation.

  1. Blood Test  

In this, they check in the first test whether the plasma is donated or not. 

What Is The Biolife Card And How It Is Used? 

When You have successfully donated plasma then you receive money as a reward this is directly transferred to your debit card you are also using for the withdrawal of money from the ATM. 

Your debit card is your MasterCard because it can be also used for purchases if a Debit MasterCard is accepted. 

While Participating In A Plasmapheresis Program

You have to eat those fruits that have fulfilled your daily requirement for protein.

Eat iron-generic food that fulfills your body’s iron requirements.  

Tips For Before And After Donating Plasma

  • Eat Healthy Food: you should eat energetic or iron, protein-rich food.
  • Avoid Fast food: You do not eat fast or oily food before the donation it is bad for your health.
  • Stop drinking alcohol: Alcohol affects your body for a long time so that’s why You should avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Bewhere from smoking: Smoking can also affect your whole body so beware of the smoking
  • Avoid it before the donation. 
  • Take Sleep: Before the donation, you just need to rest in peace or have a good sleep. 
What Do I Do When I Am Nervous Before A Plasma Donation In Lakeland? 

You may little nervous before donating plasma for the first time biolife plasma donation worries about not feeling good you can listen to a song and read a book during the donation time.

How Is Collected Plasma Used For?

Plasma is used for life-saving it helps with therapies for thousands of people every day. Plasma-based Therapies are used for the treatment of serious disorders such as hemophilia and immune system deficiency. Donated plasma in not create any side effects on your body. 

How Can I Get Started Before The Donating Plasma?  

Before the donation, you have to click on the “sign up” button on the upper right sight of the page complete your profile information given as a sight, and Select the desired date and time for your first donation.  

Who Can Join The Biolife Reward?

People who are above 18 are able the donate and they have valid or original  documents 

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